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Cinet Inc., established in December 2010, is the developer and manufacturer of the WAD system. The company introduced its first product line the WAD-110 and WAD-120 servers in 2013 at the Nightclub and Bar Tradeshow. It subsequently released the portable WAD-110P in 2014, and the ultra-compact 4 channel WAD-104 in 2015. The WAD servers have been praised in CBS and NBC broadcasts and CE Pro magazine as innovative and economical. You can see the WAD servers in action at Buffalo Wild Wing restaurants, Hyatt hotels, Las Vegas casinos, Fitness centers, International churches, etc. Also as new applications, the WAD is being explored in Schools, Motor speedways, Sports stadiums, Home AV systems, etc. We hope to continue developing the WAD technology to bring convenience and profitability to your business.

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