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How to upgrade WAD-104 firmware

This upgrade pertains to the WAD-104 units purchased prior to October 2016. If you are not certain of the purchase date, contact for more information.


The hardware equipment needed for the upgrade are:

  • WAD-104
  • Router
  • Switch/HUB
  • PC with Linux OS

The instruction below assumes some knowledge of Linux OS. In our office, we use Rasberry Pi II with Ubuntu OS for the required PC.


  1. Download the attached file "emw-1.4.2.tgz" and save it into the "tmp" directory in the PC.
  2. Connect the WAD-104, Router, and the PC to the Switch/HUB using the LAN cables. Turn on all devices.
  3. Using the Terminal command in the PC, type in the following three lines, each followed by "Enter".

    su – root

    cd /tmp

    tar xzvf emw-1.4.2.tgz

    When completed, there should be two extracted files in the "tmp" folder:

    • emwadcast
    • emwadcast.ksp
  4. Next type in


    followed by "Enter". In the response output, note the LAN interface of the PC which will vary with the PC used. We denote the LAN interface found as <LAN interface> hereafter.

  5. Next type in

    tcpdump -nni <LAN interface> udp port 3189

    followed by "Enter". In the response output, note the IP address being used for the data transfer. The IP address will change depending on the Router used and we denote it <IP address> hereafter.

  6. Type in "Control-C" to stop the flow of response output.
  7. Next type in the following 3 lines, each followed by "Enter".

    scp emwadcast <IP address>/usr

    scp emwascast.ksp <IP address>/usr

    ssh <IP address>

    You have copied the 2 extracted files into the "usr" directory of the WAD-104 unit and also logged into the WAD 104 unit.

  8. Type in the next 4 lines, each followed by "Enter".

    cd /usr<br>

    mv emwadcast bin -f<br>

    mv emwadcast.ksp bin -f<br>


    You have moved the 2 extracted files to the "bin" directory. The upgrade is successful if you received no error messages.

  9. Turn off all devices and disconnect from the Switch/HUB. The upgrade is complete

attached files: emw-1.4.2.tgz

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