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How to resolve audio glitches (breaks) in WAD apps

When listening to the WAD apps from your iPhone or Android, you may experience frequent and regular audio glitches, also known as audio breaks. This will happen when the Wi-Fi signal from the Access Point or Router is not coming through strongly or clearly to the listening devices, such as cell phones and tablets.


However no matter how close you bring your phone or tablet to the Access Point or Router you may still experience the audio glitches. This is likely due to the Smart Select Channel setting in the Access Point or Router that is regularly and frequently looking for a better channel to send out the Wi-Fi signal to the listening devices. The Smart Select Channel setting will automatically remove the resource to continue the multicasting of audio in the current channel and instead scan the surrounding to find a new channel although the new channel may very well end up to be the same as the old. It would only cause the audio break that we do not want.


So turning off the Smart Select Channel setting in your Access Point/Router can do a world of good in the audio qualtity, especially against the audio glitches that occur frequently and regularly. You can do this by fixing the channel in your Access Point or Router. We recommend to fix the channel to a least used band width avoiding the congestion and also fix the channel to stay away from the Smart Select Channel setting, that may not be so "Smart".

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