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How to make an MPG file with one video and multiple audio tracks for WAD-104S and WAD-104S Pro

There are many different ways to make a mpg file containing one video track and multiple audios tracks. We note here one particular way that will produce a working mpg file for the WAD-104S and WAD-104S Pro. The mpg file can contain up to 8 multiple audio tracks.

1. Use the MKVTookNix program to combine one video track and multiple audio tracks into a MKV file.

2. Use the TMPGEnc Authoring Works program to encode the MKV file into DVD disc image (*.vob).

3. Use the Vob2mgp 2.0 program to convert the *.vob file into mpg file.

Load the mpg file thus created into the WAD-104S or WAD-104SPro unit and the video will play through the HDMI video ouput and the audios will play through the WAD Apps enabling the audience to select the track of their preference by simply choosing the channels.

All programs noted above can be found at







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