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2016-09-23 05:13
Cristian de Jesús Flas Baez
como puedo conseguir una llave para windows 7 ultimate ? gracias.
2017-07-20 15:45
Ken Ives
We have multiple WAD-104 servers operating via either Ruckus 7372 or Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points. Most phones are able to connect and play sound from the servers, however my Motorola Razr Maxx 2 phone has some problems. When connecting using WAD 4.3, the phone identifies the server by name, but all channels are silent when accessed (yes we looked at volume and permissions). When I bring up WAD Console 3.5, it is not able to find the WAD-104 server that is on the WiFi network I am connected to. We have also had some customers in the past who got no sound from the servers, and it was not only Pixel phones. Any further troubleshooting suggestions would be very welcome at this point. Our business depends on stable operation of our WAD servers.
2017-11-26 14:46
Mahmoud Gaballa
WAD 104 was working fine then one time not connected to server, now it shows red and yellow light in the LAN port.Ruckus AP working fine and not a single option changed. how to access the Server, reset button does nothing.
2017-12-12 11:59
sunesh george
Routers and Access Points:
Please provide WAD system dealer in dubai details