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How to setup your iPhone / iPad

Go to Apple App Store from your iPhone / iPad. Search and download the WAD-C50i App for free. We demonstrate below how to use the App for iPhone, and the instruction for iPad is similar. WAD-C50i program will install into your iPhone with an icon as shown below.

Select the Settings in the iPhone home window.

Go to Wi-Fi.

Under "Choose a Network", select the " Router".  The name of the network may change to " XXXXXXXX" where "XXXXXXXX" will depend on the venue.

If the wireless network is password protected, input the password.

Return to Settings. Confirm that the Wi-Fi is connected to the router.

Return to the home page.


How to operate


In the iPhone home page, tap on the WAD-C50i App icon to start.

The WAD-C50i App menu will appear as below.

If the WAD-C50i App does not connect to WAD server successfully, please see the Server Connection section below.

Set the Channel by pressing the Channel Up or Down button. Match the audio to the TV you wish to watch.

You can also set the Channel directly by pressing the Channel List button.

The following window will appear where you can select a channel of your choice by scrolling the channel dial followed by pressing Select.

Use the Previous button to jump back to the previous channel. Press the Previous button again to jump back to the current channel.


Set the volume by dragging the volume control level.

Server Connection

If the WAD-C50i App does not connect to WAD server successfully, the following error message will appear.

Press OK. Next press the Refresh button to connect to the WAD server.



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