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Introduction to WAD System

How does WAD work

Wireless Audio Distributor WAD of converts the analog audio outputs of multiple TVs to wireless digital signals for the Wi-Fi devices, such as the iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and Android tablets.

1. Analog Digital Converter ADC
The ADC converts the analog stereo audio outputs of multiple TVs to digital stereo audio signals. The ADC-20 is for the 20 analog stereo audio outputs, and the ADC-10 is for the 10 analog stereo audio outputs. For the WAD-104 system, the ADC of 4 analog stereo audio outputs is built-in to the server unit thus requiring no separate ADC device. The analog to digital conversion is done on realtime basis and both the ADC-20 and 10 units are rack mountable with 1U heights.

2. WAD-120, 110, 104 Servers
The WAD server processes the incoming digial signals from the ADC to the multicast streaming of the UDP/IP data packets. The WAD-120 server processes up to 20 TV set audios, the WAD-110, for 10 TV set audios, and the WAD-104, for the 4 TV set audios.

3. Wireless Access Point/Router
The wireless access point/router converts the multicast streaming from the WAD server to the wireless digital signal airborn for the iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and Android tablets. The access point is sufficient for the WAD-110 and 120 servers as they have their own built-in DHCP servers inside. For the WAD-104 server which does not have its own DHCP server inside, a router or an access point with a DHCP server inside is needed.

The possible number of user logins per access point/router will depend on the quality of the access point/router. For example, the D-Link DAP 2310 Access Point can support up to 60 logins. It does not have a DHCP server inside and thus work only with the WAD-120 and WAD-110 servers. The Ruckus Zoneflex 7372 Access Point can support more than 500 log-ins. It has a DHCP server inside and thus work with WAD-104 as well as the WAD-110 and WAD-120 servers. Note that using a network switch, any WAD server can easily connect to multiple number of access points/routers, thus can support as many logins as needed.

For more details of the WAD system, please refer below to the WAD Florw Chart and the video presentation:

WAD Flow Chart

WAD presentation in YouTube

How to control WAD System

Each WAD Server comes with a wireless touch screen console tablet to monitor and control the server functions. We have chosen the console tablet over the standard monitor, keyboard, and mouse as it offers the convenience and mobility to the WAD server owner or manager.

The console tablet is a CPT touch screen tablet with Android OS (4.0 or higher), 1024 x 768 resolution, dual core 1.6 Ghz CPU, and 802.1 b/g/n Wifi. It communicates with the WAD server via WiFi connection using 802.1 N protocol.

Following is the Youtube video instruction on how to use the consol tablet of the WAD system.

How to manage WAD using Console Tablet

For the User Manual of the console tablet, please go to

User Manual for Console Tablet

User Manual of WAD System

For the User Manual of WAD System with installation and operational instructions, please go to

User Manual of WAD Online

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