User History Manual


Table of contents

1.    Introduction

2.    App for collecting user history

3.    How to retrieve collected data



1. Introduction

The User History is a feature to collect the history of WAD users through the Apps. Data such as the watched channel, program, and time are recorded in the server monitoring the use of the WAD system per each individual customer. Such data exceeds the currently available marketing study that usually collects only the TV channel side of the information. Here the collected data reveals not only the TV channel watched but also the individual who watched, thus completing the information collection.


2. App for collecting user history

In order to collect user data, you need to obtain different version of WAD mobile application apart from those that are available from Appstore and Google Playstore. Contact to obtain this version. This version will have a new login screen shown below


This login page can be customized as per your setting, depending on what information you need to collect. You can collect user’s information such as full name, e-mail, age, gender, current channel, wad server, date and time.


3. How to retrieve collected data 

You will be given access to an online database that contains your collected data. Once you login, you can access two data tables one of which will contain all the users information and other will contain channels, server, and date & time information.


Once you are logged in, you will be able to access two database tables, one containing the user information and the other showing channel information. To the top left, expand loginacc by clicking on ‘+’ sign next to it, this will expand list of two database tables available. You can select any one of the table by clicking on them.



When ‘login’ is selected its table structure is shown and click ‘Browse’ on top of it to see the contents in the table.



‘Login’ table shows the user information with all the fields you configured to obtain.


Similarly ‘channel_info’ table contains the channel information. Listing user name, channel name, server name, date & time values.


To retrieve this data, you can choose to export as various formats by clicking on ‘Export’ on the top navigation bar.



Once you are done selecting the format of export, you can download the file by clicking on ‘Go’ at the bottom right.