WAD-110P (Portable)

WAD-110P system is a portable package of the WAD-110 server, the Console Tablet, the ADC-10, and the D-Link 2310 AP in a carry case. It is built to travel and deploy quickly in events such as outdoor concerts, local festivals, and product demonstration.

In stereo mode, WAD-110P system is designed to connect up to 2 audio players (such as MP3 players) and 8 TV channels. In mono mode, it can connect up to 4 audio players and 16 TV channels. Please note that the number of TVs can be far more than the number of channels, as some TVs may show the same channels.

The WAD-110P system can connect up to 60+ customers with its built-in D-Link 2310 access point. It also has a POE port to which additional access point(s) can be connected to increse the number of logins and coverage.

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3 Year Extended Warranty $439


Required Accessories:

• Console tablet (built-in)

• ADC-10 (Analog Digital Converter) (built-in)

• High Speed Wireless Router or Access Point (built-in)

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