WAD Apps

Download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

WAD apps enable cell phones, such as iPhone and Android, to receive the audio stream from a WAD server. A listener can then select a channel using the app to listen to a particular TV or music from the audio stream.

WAD Apps are free to download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Note that they can also be installed into tablets such as iPads or Android tablets.

The number of listeners who can connect to a WAD server using the app is un-limited. With a single access point, approximately 256 listeners can receive the audio stream, and with multiple access points, multiple of 256 listeners can connect to the WAD server with equal sound quality.

App Features

Instant Customization

Customize the CiNet.com Apps instantly with your own logo, pictures, color, and statements. Simply login to your account at Gocinet.com and upload your designs. The CiNet.com Apps will instantly change right before your eyes!

How to customize the CiNet.com App


The WAD system comes with web based Advertisement service which allows the owner/manager of the venue to send out advertisement in video, picture, audio, or texts to the cell phones and tablets. For the bars and restaurants, the advertisement can be a picture of today’s special, a promotional discounts, a last call for drinks, someone left his car lights on, etc. You can post asny advertisement by simply logging in to Gocinet.com with your account. At Gocinet.com, you will find detailed instruction on how to setup your account, how to create your advertisement, and how to post your advertisement.

Auto Channel Naming

The Auto Channel Naming displays the channel and program names automatically for each channel in the WAD App. It uses the meta data sent out by the channel sources such as DirecTV and updates whenever the program changes. This is a very convenient feature that allows the listeners to select the channel by names rather than listening to each one. It becomes essential when there are more than a several TVs on the wall and you are searching for an audio of one particular TV you wish to watch.

Remote Access

WAD Servers can be accessed remotely for monitoring and control from anywhere through Internet. This is an important feature to centralize the management of multiple WAD Servers across a state or country where physical distances become prohibitive for traveling. Simply login to your account in Gocinet.com and connect to your WAD Servers. The User Interface is easy to use with similar display as your Console Tablet that locally monitors and controls the WAD Server.

User History

The User History is a feature to collect the history of WAD App users such as the channel selected, program selected, and time selected. For each user, the data is collected into CiNet Cloud Server and is accessible to you through Gocinet.com. The data collected exceeds those of current marketing studies as it includes the actual user data as well as the TV channel information.