Karaoke Systems for the most demanding, most luxurious, and most high-tech customers around the world


Karaoke Player for Cruise Ships

Two most popular karaoke systems for the cruise ships are our all-in-one SA-G1012W Portable karaoke player and the JB-199 III Premier – DA karaoke player. Each player can be combined with CAVS Karaoke DK3 Digital Mixer and the CAVS Wireless E-Songbook tablets.


Portable Karaoke System with Touch Screen SA-95, Power Conditioner, Karaoke Mixer, Wireless Router, External Sound Card, and Wireless Microphones. Ready for external AV components and E[Songbooks with HDMI, VGA, RCA, and Wi-Fi.


Third Generation Jukebox Player with 1 million song capacity, ready for Network, Touch Screen, AV components, and E-Songbooks. Connect with HDMI, VGA, RCA and Dual LAN.


CAVS Karaoke Mixer DK3 is unique to provide an integrated control when combine with SA-G1012W or JB-199 III player. In a single screen, you can search, reserve, and play songs, and also control the music, microphone, echo, and reverb volume levels.


E-Songbook adds the wireless mobility to the integrated control for the operator and customers alike. No more paper song books and no more remote controls! The fully mobile E-songbook carries the integrated control to where ever you go.


KTV Commercial Installations

Hub Zero – Dubai UAE, Norwegian Joy – Shanghai, China, Majestic Princess – Hong Kong, Alamo Draft House Cinema – Dallas, TX, Karaoke Hut – Honolulu, HI, Ninja Lounge – Miami FL, Radio Star Karaoke – Manhattan NY, BellyQ – Chicago IL, …

Begin with JB-199 III Premier

Multi room KTV begins with the JB-199 III Premier unit as a building block. The JB-199 III Premier has dual Ethernet  ports, one for the server and one for the E-Songbooks. Each JB-199 III Premier unit is connected to the server for the convenience of song update & management, room reservation & assignment, service call, etc.

Demanding Performance

Durable — JB-199 III Premier is “built like a tank” to withstand the demand of commercial environments. It is also designed to accommodate happy customers via multiple independent access points of Touch Screen monitors, E-Songbooks, and Smart-phones. It lets everyone to enjoy the karaoke 24/7! 


Musha Cay, Le Malabar, Norwegian Bliss, RCCL Symphony, Orange Lake Resort, … They have one thing in common.

 CAVS Karaoke Systems