How to Operate ESR-11

ESR-11 is of super compact size weighing less than an ounce. Yet it delivers the high quality stereo sound suitable for the latest and the greatest of today’s music.


Dimension: 6 mm x 4.5 mm x 1.5 mm
Weight: 25 gram
Input: 5V DC - Micro USB
Battery: Lithium-ion 300 mah (up to 5 hours)

ESR-11 has dual audio ports, first the TRS earphone jack outputting stereo high quality sound for personal listening and second the TRRS jack for sound recording in iOS and Android mobile phones.

Audio output

Stereo 3.5 mm TRS Jack for headphone
Mono 3.5 mm TRRS Jack for mobile phone recording

ERS-11 has a highly sensitive microphone built-in with independent volume control. It enables mixing of the main audio with the sound of your surrounding. It can catch the screams, excitements, or your conversation with friends, all with mixing control.


Cardioid Condenser Type
Frequency Response: 50 hz - 15kHz
RF Volume Control (U00 - U30)
Microphone Volume Control (C00 - C30)

ESR-11 has 10 memory stations from which you can easily select a channel you desire. Look for “” signs or inquire with the event administrators to tune your ESR-11. 

Channel Selection

10 Memory Stations: M00- M09
Frequency Range: 75 - 110 Mhz (Type A)
Frequency Range: 65 - 110 Mhz (Type B)

For details on features and operations, go to ESR-11 User Manual