WAD Console

User Interface to WAD Servers (for owners and operators)

WAD Console is a Wi-Fi device, such as a cell phone, iPad, or Android tablet, that is installed with WAD Console App to interface with a WAD Server. Note that a WAD Server does not come with a monitor or a keyboard for the usual interface. It instead connects wirelessly to the WAD Console providing a convenient way for the operator to control and monitor the WAD Server.

WAD Console is not to be confused with a cell phone or tablet installed with WAD App to listen to the WAD Server. The WAD Console is to control and monitor the WAD Server, not to act as a listening device. A device can work as both when installed with WAD Console App as well as WAD App, but the two roles are distinct and used separately.

WAD Console Apps are available in iOS and Android. They can be found under the name “WAD Console” at Apple App Store and Google Play Store. They are free to download and should be installed in a device with 1024 x 768 or higher display resolution for best performance.

For security concern, only one WAD console can connect to the WAD Server at any one time. This means if you have your own WAD Console connected to the WAD Server, no others can connect to the WAD Server.