How to setup and operate WAD Console: iOS

How to setup your iOS device (iPhone/iPad)

Go to Apple App store and search for WAD Console App. Download and install the App into your iPhone/iPad for free.

We demonstrate below how to setup and use the WAD Console App in iPhone. The procedure is same for iPad.

WAD Console App will install into the iPhone with the icon as shown.

Next go to the Settings in the iPhone home window.

Select Wi-Fi.

Turn on the Wi-Fi and select the network provided by the venue. In this example, we select “” network.

Return to the Settings and confirm that the Wi-Fi is set to “” network or which the venue has provided.

Return to Home page.
How to operate

Start the WAD Console App by pressing the icon as shown.

“System” display of the WAD Console App will appear. Here we demonstrate using WAD-104 Server with 4 Stereo channels.

In this App, we can set:

  1. Channel mode: Stereo / Mono
  2. Edit WAD Server name
  3. Edit Channel names
  4. Reboot WAD Server
  5. Remote Access – Create password for Remote Access
  6. Monitor channels
  7. Channel meta data
  8. Info – About WAD Console App
  9. Refresh WAD Console App.
Changing channel mode: Stereo / Mono

Slide the button for Stereo or Mono. Each Stereo channel divides into 2 Mono channels. In the example shown, the 4 Stereo channels of WAD-104 Server divides into 8 Mono channels.

Editing server name

Place the cursor in the name field and edit. Press the Apply button to save.

Editing channel names

Place the cursor in the name field and edit. Press the Apply button to save. The Channel names shown are displayed in the WAD apps.

To automatically display the Channel and Program names directly from the meta data of DirecTV stations, see Auto Channel Naming


Press to reboot the WAD Server. Restart the WAD Console App after the Server reboot.

Remote Access

Press to create a password for the WAD Server. This password will be used to access the WAD Server remotely via website from anywhere. For more details, see Remote Access.

Internet connection is required for the network to which the WAD Server is connected. In this example, the network must be connected with Internet.

Change screen

Select to display System, Monitor, or DirecTV screen.

Monitor screen

Select to display the Volume level, Packet count, and Login number of each channel.
  • Volume level – Incoming audio volume level
  • Packet count – Audio packets transmitted
  • Login number – Number of listeners
  • DirecTV screen

    Select to input and display the IP address of channel meta data. The channel meta data is available for most cable or satellite channels. It contains information such as channel name, program name, program schedule, etc.

    For details, see Auto Channel Naming.


    Display WAD Console App version and build number.


    Press to refresh the data display and confirm the changes made to the WAD Server.