WAD Support

Techsupport and Accessories

WAD products, unless specified otherwise, carry the standard warranty of 1-year on parts and 90 days on labor.

Within 30 days of purchase, customers are eligible for refund, or replacement of purchased product, subject to 15% restocking fee. For returning or replacing a defective product, there will be no restocking fee and the customer will be issued a call tag for free return shipping.

After 30 days of purchase, all purchases will be serviced free of charge if it is under warranty. The inbound shipping to CiNet.com will be paid by the customer, and the outbound shipping will be paid by CiNet.com.

After the warranty period, all services will be charged according to then service pricing. The inbound and outbound shipping will be paid by the customer.

For service under warranty of our of warranty, please contact us at Service@cinet.com.

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FAQ – See most commonly asked questions and answers.

Email – Email techsupport is available 24/7. Send your question with as much details as possible.

Call / Remote Access – Call / Remote Access techsupport is available by reservation only. For products purchased within 90 days, the Call / Remote Access session is free of charge. For products purchased outside the 90 days, the session costs $30.00 per 30 minute slot.
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