What is Wireless Audio Distributor (WAD) system?

Wireless Audio Distributor (WAD) system broadcasts audio from multiple TVs to cell phones such as iPhones and Androids. The WAD is ideal for Sports Bars, Nightclubs, and Fitness Centers where many TVs play different channels simultaneously. Audio for each TV is carried to the cell phones and the listeners can select using an app which TV to listen to. The listeners can literally sit side by side and yet enjoy different TVs.

More broadly, WAD can be used for any multiple audio sources where all together playing of audio would make the listening difficult or impossible. Each audio stream needs to be separated and produced only when selected. Such is the task of the WAD delivering the audio to cell phones or any Wi-Fi equipped devices. A listeners can select a TV using an app and listen only to the selected TV.

Common applications of WAD system, besides the multiple TVs, are real-time interpretation where multiple language are spoken simultaneously, racetracks where multiple racers are talking simultaneously, and lounges where multiple music genres are played for enjoyment. In each case, WAD can provide a clear individual audio stream of selected language, racer, or genre.

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