Elephant Ear ESR-11

Multi-Purpose RF Receiver

FM Radio
Elephant Ear is a compact FM Radio with 10 progammable memory channels, a 5-hour rechargeable battery, and a standard 3.5 mm connector for listening with earphones. It is encased in a hard shell with a LCD display and delivers 44.1 kHz 16-bit Full Stereo sound with strong base for hard dynamic music. It has less than 2 ms (2/1000 second) virtually zero latency, unlike the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.
Assisted Listening

Elephant Ear operates in the the enhanced frequency range of 72 – 88 Mhz of Assisted Listening. With clear reception, it is ideal for deployment in lecture halls, theaters, churches, and even home. It is an economical solution with a fraction of the cost of other Assisted Listening alternatives.

Microphone with Echo and Mixer
Elephant Ear has a built-in Microphone with 30 step volume levels and 10 steps echo levels. It is an analogue condensor microphone with 20Hz – 20KHz response range perfect for your recording.

The volume and echo levels of the microphone are controlled independently from the radio. The microphone is then mixed with radio for output through a TRS stereo earphone connector and TRRS smartphone connector.
Smart Phone Recording
Elephant Ear outputs the mixed sound of radio and microphone to a TRRS smartphone connector. A smartphone when connected can then record the sound as a MP3 audio or MP4 video file.

Elephant Ear is specially designed to be an external audio source in smartphones, such as iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, etc. Use only the recommended TRRS cable to connect the Elephant Ear to the smartphones. An adapter for 3.5 mm TRRS jack to Lightening or USB-C jack may be needed depending on the smartphone model.

See the Elephant Ear in Action!