Play by Play Action

Boost attendance and enthusiasm at the Sporting Events. Broadcast Golf, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis and more. Eliminate downloading apps and streaming audio to cell phones from the internet causing dead phone batteries, extensive data use and delay.

Hear the difference with ESR-11!

At the game with ESR-11
Play Video
At the game without ESR-11
Play Video
Listen to the Play by Play Action at the game!
ESR-11 is a compact wireless RF receiver (the size of a business card) providing patrons with play by play audio, zero delay, 5+ hour rechargeable battery, and a built-in microphone with on/off switch for monitoring surrounding sounds. The ESR-11 includes 10 different memory channels so venues may deliver play by play audio in multiple languages, allocate a distress channel, and/or pre-recorded continuous play looped audio featuring a welcome message, special information, sponsor messages, and more. The ESR-11 generates fun, excitement and raises the bar on fund raising.


for mobile phones with 3.5mm jack